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Mission Statement

  • UGPay Group AG is incorporated in Switzerland, registered under number CHE-201.650.325 in the canton of Zug (a.k.a. “Cryptovalley”).
  • The company’s goal is to provide advice, marketing and sales of services and products in the information technology and finance sectors. UGPay Group will develop and sell software as well as provide consulting and IT services and work with crypto assets, digital and blockchain technologies.
  • UGPay Group has established itself in Switzerland and abroad and actively participates in other companies, both locally and abroad.
  • Our goal is to acquire and or establish similar or related companies and enter transactions with the primary purpose of archiving global synergy.


Research & Analytics

UGPay Group constantly monitors 30 key industries and markets within the EU, allowing us to follow the latest changes in the financial world and help our clients remain at a competitive edge

Strategic advisory

UGPay Group's primary goal is to increase business value and support shareholders and management in finding and implementing key tasks, including international industry experts assistance. Developing strategies and creating documents based on international databases and previously mentioned assistance experts to understand the trends in specific industries determining our customers' future

Project Management

UGPay Group Project Management involves a local advisor in implementing an investment project that allows accomplishing many tasks. Our Project Manager knows the market specifics and has a well-established relationship with various partners and organisations within the country

Feasibility studies & Business plans

UGPay Group will perform feasibility studies and assist you with the development of business plans. These documents are a necessity for evaluating the effectiveness of a project and deciding on its feasibility. The previously mentioned documents will help you solve, achieve project financing, and decide on medium and long-term strategies. As a result, you will have at your disposal a feasibility study and or business plan developed in line with international standards and based on banking requirements, market analysis, justification of assumptions and a detailed financial model with a multi-year forecast

Investor support

UGPay Group provides support to local as well as foreign investors. Our team advises on preparing the most optimal project structure, considering the industry specifics and supporting the investor's interests. Implementation of greenfield projects requires an integrated approach to determine the future outcome of the investment project and its effectiveness for owners. Implementing brownfield projects, including privatisation, follows a different process. Implementing brownfield projects requires an understanding of the relationships within the industry and the (inter) relationships and functioning of the target companies.


Andrey Khovratov

Сompany Founder
Beneficial Owner

Yury Persikau

Chief Executive Officer

How to get in touch with us

Contact us for an initial consultation without obligation

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 79 201 0223



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